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Zendesk Support empowered Zoosk’s agents and doubled their efficiency

Zendesk Support empowered Zoosk’s agents and doubled their efficiency

Zoosk wanted a rich and functional assistance desk pc software that might be implemented effortlessly. Zendesk help supplied the perfect mixture of energy and simplicity.

Wide range of Agents

Departments utilizing Zendesk

Zoosk could be the globes largest social no credit check payday loans online in Arkansas community that is dating having registered 50 million singles from 60 nations since its founding in 2007.

Users can access Zoosk’s online dating experience through the company’s internet site, social network applications, mobile solutions, and desktop application that is downloadable. The solution comes in significantly more than 20 languages.

Zoosk makes online dating sites fun and simple, plus the business wishes its help experience to function as way that is same. Whenever members have actually questions regarding payment, subscriptions, or internet site features, the business is designed to react as fast as possible with friendly, accurate help. But until recently, Zoosk utilized available supply ticketing and e-mail solutions that offered just a small fraction for the functionality the quickly growing business required.

“We were a typical startup, making use of hacked-together free tools to guide our clients,” stated Eric Hallquist, Senior Director of User Operations. “As we grew in elegance and complexity, we needed greater understanding of customer needs to ensure we could better focus on our help tasks.”

Zoosk desired an online help solution that would offer rich functionality, yet might be implemented quickly. Zendesk help offered the perfect mixture of energy and convenience.

“Our Zendesk help execution ended up being easy and simple implementation I’ve encountered during my career,” Hallquist stated. “But it is not a generic solution. We had been able to utilize the tool’s CSS widgets to produce our help web page and tickets feel and look like element of Zoosk.”

After fine-tuning the appearance and feel, Zoosk arranged routing that is intelligent incoming tickets. Today, whenever a Zoosk member submits a help demand via an internet kind, Support’s causes go be effective. Causes are defined business guidelines that operate soon after a solution happens to be updated or created. For instance, a trigger enables you to inform clients when an admission is exposed or with regards to was fixed.

Therefore in Zoosk’s situation, whenever a part submits a help demand, they get an automatic e-mail response that lets them understand when you should expect a resolution. In line with the nature associated with demand, the e-mail might direct them to self-serve help such as online assistance and FAQs.

Causes additionally use tags to seats in line with the information the user joined to the help type. In this way, Zoosk’s agents—who are arranged in rational teams within Support—can kind seats by views. Views determine an accumulation seats considering a couple of requirements. Views are formatted to produce as listings or tables, and you will specify who is able to access them. These views enable Zoosk to designate seats to agents centered on their areas of expertise.

“We provide help in five languages,” Hallquist explained. “Zendesk Support automatically filters seats for the agents in line with the languages they speak additionally the technical dilemmas they’re many adept at addressing.”

As Zoosk’s agents work, Support’s integrations provide them with comfortable access to effective functionality that allows better customer care. One custom widget integrates with Zoosk’s user database to let agents glance at the known member profile for every admission. “Thanks to Support’s integrations, our agents have actually all appropriate user information at their fingertips and may deliver a qualified, personalized response more quickly,” Hallquist stated.

Zoosk has additionally integrated the IfbyphoneВ® Widget into its help system, permitting agents to handle telephone calls from the exact same platform as help seats. Whenever an associate calls Zoosk’s support that is toll-free and will leave a voicemail, Ifbyphone immediately transcribes the message right into a text file and delivers it—along with a recording of this call—to help, where it becomes a help admission. A Zoosk agent can use a virtual dialer to call the member without leaving the system after reviewing the issue.

Making use of Support’s views, search device, and reports, Zoosk can assess the effectiveness of their help programs and policy for the long term.

At a look, Hallquist checks on admission volumes, reaction times, and a host of other statistics. “With help, we are able to easily recognize styles within the concerns our members are asking, then make use of this information to steer our item development decisions,” he said. “Now, if our advertising group asks me personally exactly how many of our French members are calling to cancel their registration each month, I am able to provide them with a defined response.”

Support’s analytics also have revealed a dramatic upsurge in individual efficiency and reduction in reaction time. “I expected a learning curve with Zendesk Support—but I became wrong,” Hallquist admitted. “Our agents used to address 100 to 125 seats per day. Now they handle as much as twice as numerous.”

After reviewing Support’s backlog report, Zoosk recently identified the necessity to expand its help to 7 days per week. Which means agents can get to pay additional time having an on-line help system they’ve grown to love.

“When we first examined Zendesk and saw the advertising taglines such as for instance ‘Love Your Helpdesk’, we thought it absolutely was a little hokey,” Hallquist admitted. “But now we’re making the rounds saying these specific things.”

“Our agents often type ‘ I favor Zendesk’ as his or her IM status message. We’re big, big Zendesk fans.”

– Eric Hallquist Senior Director of User Operations at Zoosk

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